October 2014

Picture 13 PLEASE JOIN US FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT IN EARLY OCTOBER FEATURING PERFORMANCE AND WORKSHOP BY SAWAGI TAIKO, japanese drum group from Vancouver. For more info about the group you can check them out at  sawagitaiko.com. Come on out and bring your friends for a wonderful night of electrifying taiko performance in the Shishalh long house, opened by the Shishalh Drum Group, and featuring a special guest performer Alcvin Ramos. If you have any questions or would like more details, and to register for the workshop please call Joyce at 604-740-8094. HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!! (You can download this PDF of our  colourful poster and put it up anywhere you like in your community …we’d like that!) DOWNLOAD POSTER FOR Sawagi TAIKO (Performance & Workshop) PAST EVENTS: Sanctuary PLEASE JOIN US FOR  “SANCTUARY–Still Moving Inside the Heart”  a special presentation of  BHARATA NATYAM DANCE by Sujit Vaidya with special guest Ishwarya Chaitanya, with TEACHINGS FROM the FIRST NATIONS MEDICINE WHEEL offered by Jennifer Phillips (Shushwap Nation) in a community-based  CEREMONY OF HEALING, hosted & emcee’d by Meera Shah (little bird media) with the generous support of New Moon Festival Society. Contact Meera at meeranova@gmail.com for more details, or call at 604-741-7298.  (Also if you would like to volunteer to help out we appreciate your willing hands! Thank you…) We hope you will join us in a blessing for all those in need in our community–please bring along a friend or three! If you are attending SYNCHRONICITY festival we are just down the road on Saturday, August 23rd, 1:30pm, Grantham’s Hall. All WELCOME–Entrance By Donation (give as you feel moved…) however,  PLEASE RSVP to our reservations list so that we can plan ahead. R.S.V.P. for the guest list to Meera by August 15 (Those who reserve in advance will be offered free masala chai & snack, or you can donate ! 🙂   Picture 225Picture 8Picture 4 Please stay tuned to this page for news about our upcoming events in the new year and our popular cooking series! CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR PAST EVENTS:   Asian Cooking Workshops:

asian cooking series part 3

Vegetarian Dishes
Asian Cooking Part 3

Cooking #3 poster       diversity diversitynm.pdf qichai qi   Sita sita


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  1. Comment about the Sawagi Taiko All Women Drummers – October 4th 2014

    This stupendous event was the highlight of my summer. The Shishalsh Nation had generously offered their beautiful Longhouse for the performance, which was truly a breathtaking privilege. Walking through its doors into the huge, high sacred space and serene energy made my heart sing. The natural sandy floor, with tiers of pine benches reaching upwards the length of the sidewalls, was stunning. Four tall totems at each corner of the longhouse stood majestically, four-square, their beautiful carved surfaces identifying the myths and ancestry of the Shishalsh Nation.
    The evening began when two members of the Shishalsh Drumming Group welcomed us to their traditional Longhouse, explaining the totem symbols to us, and their songs. Their drumming, flutes and Shishalsh voices filled the enormous space, the half-tones chanted heartily into the air. Finishing up, the players received a standing ovation, which they graciously acknowledged. Alcvino Ramos, playing the full range of his Japanese Takahachi flutes and didgeridoo, followed. How can so much air come out of such a compact man? The amount of sound he pushed through the didgeridoo seemed miraculous! A virtuosic performance indeed, sometimes lilting and mournful, sometimes joyfully stirring our hearts, Al is well-known on the international circuit, and we are lucky to have him residing here on the Coast, being able to listen to him in more intimate surroundings than a concert hall. He, too, received a well- deserved standing ovation from the audience.
    After a short intermission, the New Moon Festival Society introduced the Sawagi Taiko drummers, an all-women group of vigorous Asian-Canadian women from Vancouver; tracing their old traditional roots of ceremonial drums used in ancient Japan, they are tapping into their spiritual energy and sacred ancestry in a new way, to empower and heal women. This numerous group of women began beating their deep, sonorous drums slowly, playing their stories, entwined with percussion, the drumming working up to a crescendo of exhilarating and celebratory sound. Loudly, they played, waking up our cells, a sonic boom through the body. Amazing to watch these fit women, including an elder with grey hair and a flying ponytail, beating their drums, sometimes one on each side of the drum, sometimes one drummer, one side, clashing the tonic vibrations to explode in all corners of the vast Page 2 of 22 longhouse. The drums, placed in different positions for each piece played, accompanied by the movements of the players through a choreographed mix of martial arts moves and dance, playing the drums as they move round to each one. A visual feast as well as an auditory one! As different women introduced the program pieces and songs, they explained that they had come together “to smash down hierarchies, to empower women to express themselves not as shy, demure, girls as encouraged by the patriarchy, but as their wild and vibrant selves. And demonstrate this they did, with great gusto. No “tea ceremony” gals in this group! No aggressions left in them either after such a performance! Oh such fun they were, sparkling with humour and enthusiasm. To come fully alive to the body and soul, reclaimed through the huge drums they beat with such joy and expression, was truly a magical time, calling in the cellular memories and rearranging them in new places, for them to emerge from the dark hiding places of long ago.
    After such a sonic feast, my heart sang for weeks. I was high on my self, and felt ready to move into the new, whatever that would prove to be.
    Natania Wingrave, Gibsons, B.C.

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