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Our community festival was named after lunar harvest celebrations we remember from before, but mixed in with new elements from our present — hence our name  “the new Moon festival”.  Each year we held a day in the fall to celebrate the arts, music, dance, food, literary and spiritual cultures of Asia, and to promote the value of education to build better cultural awareness. The all-day family event packed in activities, performances, pan-Asian cuisine, presenters, local crafts vendors and educational workshops.  Highlights included offerings from dancers of all stripes, demonstrations by local martial arts clubs, music from powerful traditional forms to hip-hop fusion and everything in-between, interesting and tactile educational displays, plus original readings by Asian writers, and the long line-ups for our fabulous food! We ended at sunset with a lantern walk followed by a moon-lit shadow puppet show under the stars.


This model was sustained annually for five years from 2006-2010, enjoying much acclaim and a great turn-out from the local community. We thank and acknowledge here the many volunteers, staff, and directors who made invaluable contributions and gave selflessly of their time, talents, and energy to ensure the success of the New Moon Festival.

From 2007, we  became registered and started operating as a non-profit organization, thanks to the committed work of our founding and long-term members: Joyce Chong, Kimiko Hawkes, Marje Umezuki, Miki Maeba, Valerie Jackson, Patricia Legge, Rashmi Singh and Meera Shah (2008). Board membership and our family stories reflect a slice of the world-wide Asian diaspora with diverse roots in China, Japan, Korea, India, Persia and reaching over to Hawaii, North America, Latin America, Australia and East Africa.


Nowadays we choose to organize smaller events that are more sustainable given our current resources. Our events take place throughout the year – some of our diverse offerings include an Asian cooking series, origami workshops, bharata natyam dance with meditation, taiko drumming performance and workshop, and film screenings (in partnership with Gibsons Public Art Gallery (GPAG) and with the Sunshine Coast Film Society (SFCS). We choose to work together whenever we can with other community-based partners and are open to new ideas that meet our mandate. All are welcome to join us as we evolve!

Please turn to our events page for more information on what is coming up. If you feel inspired by reading our story and would like to volunteer or get more involved, please do contact us!

Our Board members for 2015:

Joyce Chong

Patricia Legge

Dianne Lim

Del Lobo

Mary Puchalski

Yuki Sato

Meera Shah

Marje Umezuki


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